TASD BD Mulls 24 Recommendations

TASD BD Mulls 24 Recommendations

Approximately 2 dozen recommendations are under consideration by the members of the Titusville Area School District Board of Education in areas of Tax and Finance, Personnel, Buildings and Grounds and Instructional and Student Services.  The Board members will meet next Monday night in voting session.  Among some of the items discussed at last Monday's committee meeting:

 Approval for the Ready to Learn Block Grant Budget in the amount of $435,000

Approval for the Food Service Equipment Grant Budget in the amount of $31,000 for new equipment at the Main Street School.

Approval for an Athletic Trainer for two school years from 2017 to 2019 at $48,000.

Approval  for the Appointment of Carl Moore as School Solicitor for the coming school year

Approval for the Appointment of Scot Salvo as Athletic Director.

Approval for a Temporary Construction Easement Agreement with the City of Titusville  for use as a right of way to work on the wall on the Brown Street side of the creek.  The City has also agreed to restore the ground to its original condition. 

Approval for sanding and refinishing the floors of the auxiliary gym at Titusville High School and the gym at the Early Childhood Learning Center. 


The Board will also take on recommendations for appointment of a school dentist, approval of the tentative list of Spring 2017 Adult Ed grads, approval for an automated phone system , the Canvas Virtual Learning Platform, an agreement with Titusville Health Services Inc as School Physician and provider of mandated and athletic physicals for the upcoming school year , an agreement with Intermediate Unit 6 for Video Streaming Discovery Education and a revision to the school calendar for the new school year.  

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